What curtain header type should I choose?

A beautiful curtain can completely transform a room, making what was once boring, drab, or plain into a cozy and more pleasant place to be. All with the added privacy, protection, and comfort that a curtain provides. When you are tired of shopping for the same mass produced curtain designs that everybody seems to own, that’s where a completely custom designed curtain awaits you.

What curtain header type should I choose?

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At Louret, we are passionate about custom home interior design. We’ll help you choose the perfect fabric, shape, size, and even header type to fit all of your needs. From gentle, flowy fabric that sheer curtains provide to the total privacy of blackout curtains.

One of the most important parts of choosing the best curtain design for your home is understanding how to choose which curtain header is best, depending on which type of curtain fabric you prefer, how you would like the fabric to drape, and your interior design preferences. We’ve got the professional expertise and experience to break down four of our favorite curtain headers so choosing the best curtain header is simple, easy, and hassle-free! Just sit back, relax, and we’ll deliver a beautiful customized curtain right to your doorstep.

The four most common curtain header types are:
  • Rod pocket
  • Rod pocket with a Ruffle
  • Back Tab
  • Grommet
Let’s break down each header one by one to more clearly emphasize their unique and interesting qualities.


Rod Pocket
This header type can be seen all around the world as it is one of the most common and
fashionable curtain headers on the market today. The top of the curtain contains a built in tunnel
which allows the curtain to be slid directly onto the rod, without the need for any extra clips or
hooks. This creates a very clean finish as there are no ruffles or extra fabric surrounding the top
of the curtain. This is the perfect curtain header for creating a more modern, minimalist look!

Rod Pocket with Ruffle
Similar to the first and most popular curtain header, a rod pocket with a ruffle also contains a
built in tunnel, allowing it to be slid directly onto a curtain rod without any extra clips or hooks.
With the addition of a ruffle over top, this curtain header adds a more delicate and feminine feel
to the curtain of your choice.


Back Tab
The back Tab curtain header is a great option for a versatile, seamless look! Stiffening tape,
seen at the top of the curtain, allows the curtain to be hung in three ways: using a tunnel, clips,
and hooks. You can also use built-in strings to crinkle your curtain.

Another popular style amongst our clients, grommets are easy to hang and stylish. The curtain
rod is threaded through the circular grommets for a simple, easy to assemble curtain finish. This
curtain header is perfect for creating beautiful, wavy drapes and is a great combination with
large, thicker styles such as blackout curtains

Our full range of completely customizable curtain styles of any shape, pattern, and fabric your heart desires can be found on our website: www.louret.com. With our years of professional interior design expertise, we’ll ensure the curtain design of your dreams is not so far out of reach after all.

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